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CBD Oil In North Carolina

CBD Oil In North Carolina

Are you looking for CBD oil in North Carolina? Do you want to try a pure-grade premium CBD oil that is 100% organic and THC-free? Arete Hemp is working with local shops to carry our products, but in the meantime, we want to introduce you to our products by giving you free U.S. shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee to try our products risk-free.

About Arete Hemp

As a family-owned and operated CBD business, we strive to help others live healthier lives. With the use of our CBD products, we also want to help you have a happier quality-of-life. As a benefit, we endorse talking to our nutrition specialist as a customer perk to receive free coaching, health recommendations, fitness advice, or answers to how best to utilize Arete Hemp CBD oil.

Todd Campanella, our founder, experienced a medical ailment that caused him to seek out a healthier way of life. By introducing CBD oil into his daily routine, he improved his life tremendously. You can read all about his unbelievable journey in our About Us page. It’s the very reason why we strive to produce the purest premium broad-spectrum organic CBD.

Our certified farmer in Colorado cultivates mature organically-grown hemp plants that produce higher cannabinoid counts.  As our focus is on health and wellness, we only sell the highest quality pure-grade premium broad-spectrum organic CBD. We also work with a third-party laboratory to test our products to ensure they are free of THC, chemicals, synthetics, and gluten.

What Is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the molecular compound found in industrial hemp plants. There are lots of benefits of CBD oil that has led to health and wellness breakthroughs, both in research and commerce. As there are low traces of THC, the psychoactive ingredient that causes a high in marijuana, it is gaining popularity as a healthy alternative as there is less than 0.3% in CBD.

Medical experts have shown that CBD oils interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The body has neuroreceptors that, when CBD is present, mimics CB1 and CB2 responses and produce similar therapeutic results. As our products are THC-free, you get the full benefits of CBD, but without the psychoactive high from tetrahydrocannabinol, so you feel productive and fruitful.

Our growers use chromatography to extract the low amount of THC found naturally in hemp plants. You can read the results of our testing process by visiting our Lab Results page. We also know that our North Carolina customers care about rich flavor and aroma, so you get an abundance of terpenes and flavonoids with full antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD Oil In North Carolina

Medical marijuana is illegal in North Carolina, although there is a state bill that legislatures are debating in 2019. There is a limited hemp extract law for epilepsy treatment under HB 1220. The bill was amended in 2015 to make hemp extract with less than 0.9% of THC legal under HB 766. Furthermore, the statute states that hemp must be bought from outside of North Carolina.

Even if NC legalizes medical marijuana, it is essential to remember that it is still illegal at the federal level. There is also company policy regarding employee drug use, which is why CBD oil is a safe, legal alternative. Also, under the federal 2018 Farm Bill,  CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC is legal. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any vaping-related medical conditions.

Arete Hemp CBD Oil In North Carolina

  • Hash Rosin Oil Tincture   1200mg / 2000mg / 2400mg
  • Limitless Private Reserve Tincture, Whole Hemp Extract, Organic Strawberry Flavor   Single Tincture / 3 Pack
  • Organic CBD Oil   250mg / 500mg / 1000mg

Arete Hemp CBD oil products have only two organic ingredients: Organic Phytocannabinoid-Rich Whole Hemp Extract and Organic MCT Oil (a coconut derivative). Arete Hemp only uses premium, organically grown hemp plants, so you are getting a pure grade, quality CBD oil. As our primary focus is on health and wellness, we know pure-grade oils offer the most remarkable results, which is why we don’t sell any edibles or creams that contain non-active ingredients.

  • Our 250mg Premium Organic CBD Oil is excellent for beginners with minor ailments. You can also just experience the incredible benefits of CBD. Give CBD to your pets, too!
  • Our 500mg Premium Organic CBD Oil is best suited for moderate users. It’s also perfect for beginners with little experience but needs stronger forms of relief.
  • Our 1000mg Premium Organic CBD Oil is exceptional for those who need a potent level of relief. If you merely want to feel fantastic, this CBD product is just what you need.

We recommend that Arete customers start with 1-ml dropper CBD oil under the tongue for about thirty to sixty seconds. It will take between twenty and thirty minutes to take effect. Once you establish your comfort level, you can increase your dosage if you require more relief or ease.

Also Available in Arete’s Store:

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

Arete Hemp also has Organic Premium CBD Flower Strains that we cultivate from the hemp flower buds when they are in full bloom. The CBD level depends on the hemp plant strain, so we ensure our certified growers use organic pure-grade plants. Our biological cultivation process produces the most abundant buds possible, so you get the full therapeutic benefits and rich taste.

Our growing method ensures we can create high-quality CBD hemp flower. As Hemp plants are versatile, you can use it alone or in your favorite recipes. It’s perfect in smoothies, coffee, or tea. Just place one teaspoon of hemp flower in one cup of hot water. Steep for five minutes. Lastly, add sugar and milk (or coconut milk) to extract antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties.

Arete Hemp Customer Benefits

Arete Hemp is all about customer-driven value, so we ensure that our quality CBD products deliver on our mission to help our customers live happier healthier lifestyles. To meet these initiatives, we provide a nutrition specialist for free health, fitness, and product coaching, a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, and fast, free shipping anywhere within the United States.

We are a family owned and operated company that is purpose driven with the sole intensions of helping others! Not only are we working hard to bring the purest organic natural remedies to market, with every purchase of any Arete Product, you are not only supporting your health, you are also supporting various life changing charities specially chosen for their outstanding work! Thanks to our wonderful and loyal customers we are extremely proud and grateful to work with Operation Underground Railroad to help rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. As well as helping the sick children at St. Jude Children’s Hostpital!

In addition to our charitable contributions we will be awarding annual scholarships to those who are continuing their education in the specific fields focused on improving the quality of life for others and or the environment. Visit our scholarship page here for more information.

Are you ready to learn why Arete Hemp is the best CBD oil in North Carolina? If you have questions about our CBD products, visit our Contact Page to reach our friendly customer service staff.

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