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We have some of the most incredible rare exotic hemp flower in the world, now available to be shipped discretely right to your home!

Organic Euphoria Delta 9 THC Gummies

Euphoria: A feeling of great happiness, well being and excitement.

When was the last time you experienced Euphoria?

The #1 most effective natural sleep aid on the market! If your sleep and overall health are important to you then this is the product for you!

Limitless Tincture

Limitless is the most potent and effective full spectrum delta 8 THC tincture ever made!

Pure Delta 8 THC cartridges at just $19.99 each, with several incredible strains to choose from!

HHC Vape Carts

We now have pure full spectrum and 99% HHC carts! Please use responsibly.

The most effective cannabis tinctures to ever hit the market!

Blue Dream Full Melt Hash Rosin (High THCa)

The most incredible hemp concentrates in the world!

Fire Club

Fire Club Graphic

We are moving the Arete Fire Club to the the censorship free Fire Club app. This new innovative cannabis social media platform is made by cannabis enthusiasts, for cannabis enthusiasts. Gain exclusive access to our members only VIP cannabis club, we will give special access to small batch limited edition hemp strains only made available to members of this group.

CBD 101: What is CBD?

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Daily Hemp & Wellness

The most up to date cannabis news and information

Edibles Will Become Your New Favorite Snack. Here’s Why.

Everywhere you turn, someone is talking about edibles. Maybe you’re new to the cannabis world or simply haven’t been interested enough in edibles to learn how they affect you. We are here to provide what you need to know about edibles and the benefits enjoyed by cannabis consumers who snack on them. Perhaps we can provide the inspiration needed to finally break through to the other side, try edibles, and find your new favorite snack!

Black Friday Holiday Specials – Through Monday, November 28 at Midnight EST!

Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales might be over, but the holiday specials are still going on all weekend long with Arete Hemp!

Want Better Sex? Cannabis May Hold The Answer

Evidence suggests cannabis can improve your sex life, a fact regular consumers have long known. In a 1971 essay, cannabis enthusiast and astronomer Carl Sagan wrote, “Marijuana enhances the enjoyment of sex,” and he hailed it for “giving sex an exquisite sensitivity.” No complaints in the bedroom? Even better. Cannabis still has all the right ingredients to increase sexual desire, enhance performance, and allow you to release inhibitions for sex so good, it may shock even you!

Arete’s 100% Organic CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is a beneficial plant extract made from American grown hemp. Our plants are grown on licensed industrial hemp farms in the United States using sustainable organic farming practices.