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Euphoria: A feeling of great happiness, well being and excitement.

When was the last time you experienced Euphoria?

Dream Gummies

The #1 most effective natural sleep aid on the market! If your sleep and overall health are important to you then this is the product for you!

Our new Limitless tincture is the most potent full spectrum Delta 8 THC tincture to ever hit the market! Now with 3100mg of pure love and bliss!

Organic Hash Rosin Oil Tincture's

The most medicinal cannabis tinctures to ever hit the market!

Hash Rosin Oil Tincture
Hash Rosin Oil Tincture
Hash Rosin Oil Tincture
Blue Dream Full Melt Hash Rosin (High THCa)

The most incredible hemp concentrates in the world!

Organic, convenient and extremely medicinal.

Blueberry Pie Hydroponic Hemp Flower

This incredible strain has quickly became a fan favorite!

 Purple Haze is a very exotic super medicinal strain with well balanced effects, great for day or night. It has delicious fruity citrus aroma that will have your mouth watering!

Dragon's Breath Hydroponic Hemp Flower

This special exotic phenotype was chosen out of several hundred clones for its super thick flowers, funky sweet smell and amazing taste!

Pineapple Punch Hydroponic Hemp Flower is a very special rare unique phenotype of Hawaiian Haze. This incredible flower is everything you can ask for in a day time strain!

Fire Club

Fire Club Graphic

We are moving the Arete Fire Club to the the censorship free Fire Club app. This new innovative cannabis social media platform is made by cannabis enthusiasts, for cannabis enthusiasts. Gain exclusive access to our members only VIP cannabis club, we will give special access to small batch limited edition hemp strains only made available to members of this group.

CBD 101: What is CBD?

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Daily Hemp & Wellness

The most up to date cannabis news and information

This Retired Cop Is Advocating for CBD, Calling CBD a “Game-Changer”

A recently retired Chicago police officer struggled with postpartum depression and the daily pressures working in a violent district. Now, she wants other officers and workers in high-stress positions to know how CBD was a “game-changer” in her life.

Celebrate 4/20 with Gifts, Limited Edition New Releases, and Mystery Eighths!

Arete Hemp is celebrating 4/20 with sales, special limited edition releases, and gifts on purchases over $50, $100, $150, and $250! Event starts at 12 PM EST on April 20, 2022. 

Legalized Marijuana Is A Bipartisan Issue

After decades of debating and lobbying, the House of Representatives voted to legalize marijuana. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act earned rare bipartisan support with Democrats and Republicans both voting for it.

Arete’s 100% Organic CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is a beneficial plant extract made from American grown hemp. Our plants are grown on licensed industrial hemp farms in the United States using sustainable organic farming practices.