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CBG - CBD Hash

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Pineapple Punch is one of the most incredible strains we have had to date! You will absolutely love it!

Dragon's Breath Hydroponic Hemp Flower

Are you looking for the best cannabis strains in the world? Look no further, Dragons Breath is available now!

Galactic Funk Indoor Hemp Flower considered to be one of the best in the world! For the serious connoisseur only.

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Arete Fire Club

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CBD 101: What is CBD?

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C(eleb)BD: Whoopi Goldberg

One of Hollywood’s most visible advocates for cannabis and CBD products is Whoopi Goldberg. She is the only black woman to win an EGOT – an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award – as well as a long-time host of The View and one of the world’s most recognizable female comedians.


The History of CBD: Christianity and CBD

Mainstream American Christianity has been hesitant to embrace CBD, both recreationally and medically. Some believers are wary due to misinformation about cannabis, or they presume that the biblical text forbids it. As more believers and faith leaders are exploring what the Bible actually says about cannabis – and better understanding its tangible benefits – Christians are coming around on CBD.


The History of CBD: Hindu and CBD

Cannabis has been tied to spiritual and mental well-being throughout history, and few faiths have embraced it as explicitly as the Hindu religion.

Arete’s 100% Organic CBD Oil (cannabidiol) is a beneficial plant extract made from American grown hemp. Our plants are grown on licensed industrial hemp farms in the United States using sustainable organic farming practices.