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Our primary mission is helping others and with your help we are both making a difference together!

Helping Others

Our Promise

Our mission is more than just a statement, nothing is more important to us than your overall health and well being. We strive to only bring you the purest organic healing remedies that will improve your quality of life. Through both our Superfood and hemp divisions you can find an array of organic products that all offer specific healing benefits.

Since nothing makes us happier than helping others, every time you purchase any Arete product we will donate a portion of each sale to various incredible charities specifically chosen for their amazing work, by purchasing from us you not only are supporting your health you are also helping others along the way!

Thanks to wonderful loyal customers we are extremely proud and grateful to support these amazing charities.

We donate a portion of every sale to helping feed the hungry through Feeding America as well as helping the children at St Judes Children Research Hospital.

In addition to our charitable contributions we will be awarding annual scholarships to those who are continuing their education in the specific fields focused on improving the quality of life for others and or the environment. Visit our scholarship page here for more information.

Our Mission Is Our Commitment

Our mission is not complete without consistent improvement in both our business and personal growth. We embrace learning from our mistakes and building off of them. We are always looking to improve how we do things and we love to hear constructive criticism because it helps us grow as a company and a family!

If anyone has any recommendations of any products you would like us to offer, or if you notice any way we can improve please let us know.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers satisfaction!

Feeding America
St. Jude Children's Hospital